GYROTONIC Expansion System® & GYROKINESIS® Movement Method

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® was born when the founder, Juliu Horvath, a professional ballet dancer, became severely injured while dancing, cutting short his professional dance career. Drawing on his background of ballet, yoga and movement he began to explore new ways of moving that were supportive of his healing. 

The Gyrtotonic® method is a unique movement system that utilizes resistance that is similar to that of water. As a practitioner, I call this "floating resistance" where the weight of the body is partially lifted by the tower pulleys against the pull of gravity, positively influencing the nervous system, spine and muscular system, giving a sense of decreased effort and reducing strain while simultaneously working to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, range of motion, endurance, versatility, and gracefulness in a powerful way.

Though ultimately, Gyrotonic® is best utilized with continued and consistent practice, like all other exercise and maintenance programs, I have worked with many clients who have experienced a decrease in joint and muscle pain, beginning with their first Gyrotonic® session. Many find it not only beneficial in how they feel afterward but also enjoy doing it! It is choreographed to be smooth, balanced, rhythmic, and gently stimulating and is adaptable to all mobility levels. 

Gyrontonic® method incorporates breathwork, quality of movement and fluidity, articulation and mobilization of the spine and extremities, and gentle cardiovascular and aerobic stimulation. 

The Gyrotonic® method is used with great success around the world amongst dancers, athletes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as for general conditioning amongst people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

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