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Myofascial Release Sessions

Price $100 for initial evaluation and treatment

Follow Up sessions are $75 an hour.

10% off for packages of 5 sessions or more.

Initial sessions are 90 minutes.

We do not directly bill insurance companies.

We do not want your care to be dictated or limited by insurance and our relationship is with you.

We are in service to You.

We can supply you with a completed PT services form and invoice and depending on your insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed, but you are responsible for full payment at the time of service.

Rather than charge you more to cover expensive administrative costs, we are choosing to be a cash pay business, with simplified overhead costs to ultimately pass the savings on to you, the consumer. 

Sliding scale rates available upon request. 

Bodywork sessions offered at both SW and NW Portland locations. 

 What to Expect during your session

We begin with a review of all pertinent physical, medical and historical factors contributing to current experiences.

The intention to keep talking at a minimum, in order to stay focused on and allow for the most direct bodywork, direct experience time.

Aiming for at least 30 minutes of myofascial release in the first session and sufficient time (often 10-15 minutes) for any pertinent home self care, self MFR and or exercise recommendations and instruction.

After check in, all sessions begin with a 5 minute right brain, self connection and expression practice to help to relax the nervous system and tune into what John F. Barnes refers to as "Channel 3" healing. 

One thing that sets this type of myofasical release work apart from other types of bodywork, is that it is a gentle, but sustained pressure working 3 dimensionally into the fascial system. The practitioner gently connects into the fascial system and when met with resistance, rather than pushing past it, she maintains the pressure and actively waits for the body to release on its own. With the release, the connective tissue is taken to the next restrictive barrier, with releases in the collagenous fibers beginning around 90 seconds and up. 

Where as the elastic type fibers begin to release quickly with pressure/stretch, the collagenous fibers have been shown to require more prolonged stretching in order for there to be a long lasting change in the quality, and dynamic function of the soft tissue. Fascial restrictions can result from a wide range of injuries, repetitive stress, emotional experiences, and traumas. The fascial system has a protective role in our body, to guard and brace against these types of traumas, yet we do not readily do things to help it to release these accumulated restrictions and bracing patterns- that is where MFR comes in!

Myofascial work is done directly on the skin, so clients wear minimal clothing but something that they feel free to move in. Depending on what is needed for healing, this type of myofascial release can be passive, with the focus on melting, softening, and opening into the gentle but sustained pressure. It can be experienced as going into a "still point", sometimes images, colors, body sensations come to the awareness. People can also have recollections of certain meaningful memories or life experiences, bringing greater insight and understanding. Other times, especially as people begin to go deeper into the healing journey, they may experience physical "unwinding" where the body begins to move involuntarily, on its' own, guiding itself into the positions it needs to in order to facilitate releases.

Initial evaluation includes a full physical assessment and functional movement assessment to help with identifying key areas of myofascial restrictions and adhesions.

More information regarding the myofasical system and how MFR works can be found at:


5 or more Alignment Sessions

10%off WHEN PACKAGES OF 5 OR MORE SESSIONS PURCHASEd together, or with combination of MFR and Gyrotonic® Methods


Awaken the senses and Change the way you move through the world...

Private Gyrotonic® method Instruction

Price $55 

1 hour instruction in Gyrotonic® method, including work on stool, mat, and Gyrotonic® tower.

For people looking to improve their sense of greater wellness and wellbeing in their bodies, the Gyrotonic® method can be a great foundation for an ongoing wellness program.

It incorporates breath, range of motion and strength in a peaceful way, that gives the quality of dancing through life!

More information on the Gyrotonic® method and the potential benefits can be found at:

Offered at Westside Gyrotonic® location in SW Portland (Upstairs from North Star Bodywork office) and Center Gyrotonic® in NW Portland. 

10% off for packages of 5 sessions or more.

Group Gyrotonic® & Gyrokinesis® movement method Classes

Weekend group classes to be added in Winter 2018


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All sessions begin with a complimentary consultation so I can assess and recommend the best path forward. 

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