A sanctuary for the soul and body to unwind.



 Born and raised in Sonoma, California, Adrienne completed her Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BS at UC Santa Cruz. While working to support herself through school, including a job as a home health aide with elderly folks in her community, it became clear to her that she longed to work one-on-one in directly improving the quality of life of those around her and to do what she could to empower others to live their fullest, richest, most satisfying lives and to experience a sense of being at home and well in their bodies.

In 2003, Adrienne moved to Portland, Oregon and in 2007, she completed her Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). She has worked in a variety of physical therapy settings, including orthopedics, post surgical acute cardiac care, and skilled nursing facilities where people were transitioning between the hospital and returning to live independently in the community. 

Being a mother of two young daughters has greatly informed her work, and it has brought to her awareness the particular nuanced and systemic challenges related to self care in today's world. Through the combination of John F Barnes' Myofasical release®, The Gyrotonic® movement approach, and Mindfulness practices, Adrienne has witnessed great healing and transformation both in herself and for others around her. There is a great sense of relief in having found methods to bridge the vast layers of our emotional, subconscious, conscious, structural and energetic realities for deeper understanding and greater authentic life experiences, also known as healing.