Holistic Physical Therapy

For those looking for something different to address their pain, physical injury or limited mobility in the midst of chronic health concerns...

Bridging The Gap Between Western Medicine & Complementary Health Care

Let's talk about the Fascia in our bodies...

The fascial system in the body is the continuous connective tissue that weaves through out every organ, bone, muscle and cell of your body.

It is one of the primary protective systems of the body,

bracing against all kinds of potential injuries

on the full spectrum of

physical, emotional, and psychological traumas.

Whether from a motor vehicle accident,

a slip and fall,

emotional stress from a dysfunctional relationship,

childhood traumas,



or any other experience in which we have to brace and protect ourselves from intrusions, injury or insult

the fascial system takes the brunt of the force.

And we are grateful for this.

And yet, it can continue to hold onto these traumas. 

And over time instead of being flexible, dynamic and hydrated

it can become restricted and

a source of tension in our bodies.

This tension can then be transferred to our 

nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and reproductive systems

changing the way that they function and interact with the whole.

IF you looking to gain clearer insight & awareness into

how fascial tension might be impacting

your chronic health condition,

dysfunctional movement patterns,

nervous system state


lack of wellbeing

in your body

 working together may be a way to get a new perspective 

 on what is holding you back

and DO something about it...

to reclaim your life.

Dissatisfied with more conventional PT tools and practices, I left the health care field to spend time being "a mom" and went on my own healing journey of discovery and self care.
Now, I am excited and eager to share the fruits of my own journey with my clients and community.

I offer Physical Therapy evaluations and treatment, and Wellness Care Programs, incorporating the John F Barnes’ Myofascial Release® (MFR) approach, Gyrotonic® movement system and other self-care methods.  

These two approaches, MFR and Gyrotonic®, work synergistically and independently with potential benefits including:

     - Improved coordination, circulation, breathing, strength, enhanced nervous system functioning, endurance, vitality, and greater core stability

     - Improved balance of connective tissue and muscle tension-length-tone for improved posture, alignment, ease, functionality and relaxation.

Through our work together, I serve to facilitate the activation, unwinding, integration, and alignment guided by you and your body's innate wisdom through gentle, yet profound work with your fascial system and body networks.

You are the expert on your own life and body, and through the focused intention and attention that we create together, that inner knowing and expertise can finally be heard and expressed in a way that can be applied to positively effect your day to day life and reality for the better.

What I find so satisfying about this work, is how it is able to meet you where you are, and works on all levels- structurally, energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Together we facilitate a stronger, clearer connection to the part of you that has direct access to your infinite potential and inner gifts and knowing. 

 Engaging in this type of bodywork over time, can assist in weaving the fabric for a more fulfilling and connected relationship with your self, your body, and your life.

It is my honor to meet each person wherever they are on their life's path and work together to usher in a richer, more meaningful, easeful, satisfying and higher quality life experience.

Deep inside you know there must be something else - a better, more natural way -  of connecting to your body and returning to a state of ease, vitality and grace, even if you don’t know exactly what that is. 

Meet Adrienne 

Hi! I am Adrienne & I am here to tell you there is a different way to address chronic pain, physical limitations, or injuries that get in the way of you feeling total freedom and vitality in your body, mind & spirit!

North Star Bodywork & Physical Therapy was born from my own personal quest for the truth of what is possible when we connect deeply to the wisdom of our body, and learn to listen deeply to what it is trying to tell us!

Myofascial Release 

The fascial system is the connective tissue that weaves through out your entire body, connecting through out your nervous system, organs, muscles and bones. This approach to working with the myofascial system in a gentle put deep and sustained way, works with the body, mind and spirit to access the deeper roots that connect us to the traumas,  difficult emotions, and pain of the past, as well as to the source of our own wellbeing and the path forward for our optimal self realization. 


GYROTONIC® Movement method

Enjoy greater freedom in your body! The Gyrotonic® exercise method is a great way to engage your full body in a rhythmical, flowing, supportive way that is low impact on your joints and pleasurable at the same time! Benefits may include: improved circulation, improved coordination, improved balance, overall rebalancing of muscle tone pattens and an enhanced state of wellbeing.